Elizabeth was breathtaking. She drew near to the bold changes her body was undertaking. Expanding in each direction with grace as her womb made room for her miracle baby girl. Making room for joy and purpose. Oh sweet Leia, you are so loved already. The miracle of motherhood. It is empowering yet terrifying. It is […]

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Maternity Photography Palm Springs

Maternity Session in Palm Springs

As we learn of yet another postponement. I am compelled to write about this subject. In light of everything; coronavirus pandemic death tolls, social injustice, global economic downturn, and political disarray. It’s okay to be sad about postponing your wedding. You are not alone. Your feelings are VALID I need you to know that All […]

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It’s okay to be sad about postponing your wedding

Hello Beloved! We are so excited to be bringing this new addition to you, where we will be sharing more about our personal experiences, lifestyle topics, wedding trends, and more. A little more about us; I’m Genesis and my husband’s name is Daniel; together we are BELOVED. We wanted to share with you the purpose […]

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