July 15, 2019

Why you should consider an unplugged wedding

What is an unplugged wedding you ask? An unplugged wedding is a choice a bride and groom make to exclude cellphone and camera use on their wedding day. Yes. You read that correctly. In light of how mobile devices have brought many benefits to our daily lives, we simply cannot deny how dependent we have become of our little digital friend. Let’s explore this growing trend and find out if an unplugged wedding is a right choice for you.

The cons

As wedding photographers, we see the impact cellphone and camera use can have on your wedding day.  Consequentially, photographers are more than likely to document the front and backs of cellphones than real emotions on guests’ faces. Now that’s not to mention the driving desire of guests to achieve that perfect shot and at times at the expense of the bride and groom’s professional photos. Daniel has nearly missed kiss shots due to empowered paparazzi guests. Seriously, we have had guests plunge in front of crucial shots.

You’d swear they work for PEOPLE magazine and were hired to cover your wedding.

All silliness set aside, let’s imagine flipping through your wedding album and reliving your wedding day experience through the emotions of your guests’ faces rather than their cellphone covers. Imagine the excitement in their eyes, the tears of joy as you walk down the aisle, the contagious smiles. Beautiful isn’t it?

Total blackout v.s limited phone access

Now should your entire wedding be unplugged? Although the pros of having an unplugged wedding are numerous, you may want to consider some balance. Daniel and I cannot deny the fun we had as we received a flood of candid images the days following our wedding. Especially, as we patiently awaited our professional images from our photographer. Looking for some balance? Possibly opt for an unplugged ceremony and allow guests to take photos at the reception later. Opting for a total blackout? Consider adding a photo booth where guests can take souvenir photos and simultaneously get their photo fix!

How to prepare for an unplugged wedding

  1. Send a friendly notice to your guests in your wedding invitation suite. Have a wedding website? Many popular wedding website hosts such as The Knot allow you to customize a website to keep your wedding guests informed and updated during your exciting journey to the altar. This is a perfect place to notify your wedding guests of your decision. Don’t have a website yet? Click here and get started today!

    TIP: Although cutesie poems may be tantalizing, we encourage you to be direct about your wishes so that your guests may know you mean business.

  2. Have a sign that notifies your guests as they enter the ceremony. This has become increasingly popular and adds an additionally needed reminder that you rather your guests be present and experience your special day with their eyes and not their cellphone screens. This can easily be a DIY project or purchased from ETSY. Visit our earlier blog for Pros and Cons to a DIY Wedding. 
  3. Have a family member or your officiant announce it for all of those who may have “missed the message” in the invitation, not visited your website, or completely “missed” the enormous sign at the entrance of your ceremony lol.

Whether you opt for a total blackout or limit your unplugged wedding to your ceremony, the decision is yours. Daniel and I always encourage our BELOVED brides and grooms to make decisions that make them happy. It’s your special day and you should make it yours.

Unplugged Wedding

Unplugged Wedding Ideas

Left:Etsy Greenery Unplugged Wedding Sign

Middle:Etsy Unplugged Wedding Sign

Right: Etsy Eucalyptus Unplugged Wedding Sign

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Featured Image: Gray Unplugged Wedding Sign

  1. Erika Gomez says:

    Love this blog. I think unplugged weekends + unplugged family outtings are important as well. We tend to miss important moments when consumed by our “little digital friends.” I found this very interesting and informative.

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