May 19, 2019

Pros and Cons to a DIY Wedding


We’ve all been perpetrators at one time or another. Myself included! Daniel has been victimized by my countless Pinterest attempts and fails. Haha! One day I woke up and thought I’d bake a 2-tier birthday cake, I mean, how hard can it be? As a result, we ended up with substances that resembled fondant and batter. I can’t help it, I am a creative and the DIY projects satisfy my little creative ninja heart. Although we did get a great story out of it and laugh about till this day! For some brides, weddings can be a great opportunity to display their creativity to the fullest. From DIY centerpieces to DIY favors, the options are endless and quite fun I must say. Nevertheless, let’s go over some pros and cons of throwing on that Martha Stewart hat, shall we?


  1. Let’s face it, planning a wedding is not cheap! It takes months of planning, saving, budgeting, and downright discipline. Moreover, in 2018 the average wedding cost was $44,105 according to Brides magazine. DIY is a great alternative when making that dollar stretch is a priority. Buying wholesale and bargain shopping can really help extend your budget. Whether it’s making your own wedding invitation suite or assembling your own centerpieces, this crafty alternative allows couples to get what they want for the price they can afford.
  2. Run loose child! The only person that can set limitations to your creativity is you aaaand your internet provider; wifi outages are no fun. Seriously though, having a DIY wedding allows you to have full creative freedom with every last detail of your big day. Above all, you are adding a little piece of you in every aspect and that my friend, is special.
  3.  Pre-wedding bonding time? I think yes! As a matter of fact, invite the whole gang to tie twine for thank you tags and cut personalized wedding invites. Snag your favorite chick flick and get ready to make some new memories!



  1. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on these DIY projects. For instance, ever designed a wedding invite or prep, fold, and cut 175 succulent potholders? I mean we literally potted numerous succulents into individual terra cotta pots, handcrafted decorative pot covers, and tied a custom thank you tag to each wedding favor. Sure, it was really fun to make the first 3 but this got old real quick! Consequentially these tasks get done on your precious time off. Late nights are a give in and inviting your gals to watch the Notebook as they assemble hundreds of favors may not always work. Also, Daniel would like to add that your future hubby may not be as enthused either. Real talk.
  2. Stress can be another added factor. Furthermore, unless you’re SUPER organized, these projects often time get procrastinated which leads to unwanted stress. Weddings can be stressful as it is, now add handcrafting items to your liking with deadlines can increase that stress.
  3. It may not work out the way you envisioned it. Your straight outta Martha Stewart idea may look more like a “my big gypsy wedding” mishap! Anybody else watches that show? Lol, therefore, be prepared to spend some extra mula for do-overs. Be honest with yourself, do you have the skillset to create the things you see on Pinterest? Pinterest is infamous for making us feel like we can conquer the world at times. (I’m guilty as charged!)


Whether you handcraft your entire wedding or decide on a few details, if you weren’t planning on hiring a wedding planner or it just didn’t fit in your budget, we recommend a “day of coordinator”. Day of coordinators come in and save the day. Who’s going to set up your beautiful DIY centerpieces or hand out your wedding favors? Decided on a DIY Photo Booth? Great! Who’s making sure it’s just right before your guests arrive? If your wedding venue doesn’t provide a wedding planner we highly suggest hiring these lovely lifesavers. Don’t select someone who’s pivotal in your wedding such as your mother or sister. They should be guests at your wedding and enjoy every single detail just as you should. Well, there you have it! Here’s just a few pros and cons to a DIY wedding we hope you find helpful!


In addition, if you’d like to see a tutorial on the flower girl basket and favors I made for our wedding, comment below! Have great day Beloved!



Featured Image: Succulent Favors




  1. Angie Bazan says:

    Spot on with the tips. I know first hand! I’ve done my own wedding twice, plus my daughter’s, and next month I’m doing my youngest daughters wedding as well! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m too detail oriented to let someone else do it😁.

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