October 17, 2020

How to plan a gender reveal

Hello friends,

Planning a gender reveal in Palm Springs soon? Let’s go over 5 simple ways to make your gender reveal photography session a success! From intimate family gatherings to exuberant affairs, gender reveals are a fun way to share the excitement of new life with family and friends. Capturing picture-perfect moments at your gender reveal requires planning and we wanted to share a few tips that will make your gender reveal photography session one to remember.

  1. Lighting is everything

    You may want to have your party at noon but the lighting in the early afternoon hours can be harsh as well as unpleasant for guests.   For best results and the most flattering of lighting, schedule your gender reveal close to the golden hour. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

  2. Punctuality 

    Communicate with your guests that punctuality is important. We suggest announcing an earlier time of arrival for guests. This will reduce the chances of guests missing the reveal. Try your best not to share the actual time of the reveal, guests can and will push the envelope every time.

  3. Location 

    Now, this is completely up to you! Location can vary from your backyard to your local park. Gender reveal confetti poppers produce beautiful imagery however after the confetti settles it also produces a lot of trash haha. So please be sure to bring rakes and trash bags for the cleanup after-party. Need help with a location? Ask your photographer for ideas!

  4. Trial runs 

    Have your gender reveal coordinator trial run your gender reveal. Powder canons? Confetti poppers? Balloon box? DIY mishaps can occur, it’s best to have a trial run to ensure everything goes right on the big day.

  5. Everyone just take a deep breath

    Gender reveals are exciting and the anticipation runs high but please let your party planner or photographer give the queue to start the reveal. Photographers have settings that need constant adjustments due to lighting conditions and many other factors. Allowing one individual to coordinate the reveal will ensure no accidental confetti pops go off before everyone is ready.


There you have it friends. 5 simple ways to make your gender reveal run smoothly. Hope this helps during the planning process. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a note and we’ll be happy to help!

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