June 20, 2019

Elevate your portrait session in 3 simple steps

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions around what to wear for your portrait session and although we are working on a much more detailed blog post with Amazon links and all, we thought we’d share some insight on how to elevate your portrait session. So what does that mean? We’ve all come across a magazine or Pinterest feed displaying those perfectly curated portrait sessions we all drool over. Most of these portrait sessions stick to a few simple steps that are sure to provide excellent results! Planning a portrait session soon? Want to update the family photo or want to capture the full splendor of your anniversary but not sure what to wear? Here are 3 ways to instantly elevate your next portrait session and ensure its a “wall hanging” worthy one too!

Elevate your portrait session in 3 simple steps

  1. Find colors and textures that complement one another and stay away from looking too “matchy-matchy”. For example, black on black, white on white, matching color tops and bottoms. Instead, try combining neutral palettes such as cream, blush, and navy blue. Looking for something bright and playful? Try combining pastels or a canary yellow with contrasting blues! Trying to evoke those fall vibes? We encourage the complementary hues of burgundy, emerald green, and mustard yellow. Additionally, don’t be afraid to mix in patterns, patterns can add interest and a special touch to your overall look. Bold lettering and brands on t-shirts are discouraged, these items can be distracting. Lastly, flowy pieces photograph beautifully such as dresses and skirts. As for men, a great blazer never goes out of style.
  2. Shoes and accessories add a special touch and display your personality. The chanclas should be left at home, chanclas are sandals in Spanish lol! Instead, opt for a stylish set of wedges or heels. Men! Dress shoes, trendy boots, or loafers work best. Steer away from tennis shoes as these options tend to decline your overall look. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! A statement necklace can go a loooong way. Men, wear your favorite watch and or bring fun cuff links!
  1. Ladies, getting your hair and makeup professionally styled alone in itself can enhance the look and feel of your portrait session. Doll up! Take a break from your routine and enjoy getting pampered. Seriously, something I’m working myself! You should look and feel amazing! Men, a clean shave and fresh cuts are a must! Beards should be groomed and clean. Eyebrows could use a little love too! Haha. 

Most of all…

Most of all! Relax! At this point you look great, you are in the hands of professionals who are looking forward to getting to know you at a personal level and simply have a good time with you! As mentioned earlier, we are working on a blog post that will incorporate outfit options and direct links and prices to make life THAT much easier on you. Why? Well as Daniel Tiger would put it…it’s because “it’s you I like”.


Image : Pinterest


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