What is an unplugged wedding you ask? An unplugged wedding is a choice a bride and groom make to exclude cellphone and camera use on their wedding day. Yes. You read that correctly. In light of how mobile devices have brought many benefits to our daily lives, we simply cannot deny how dependent we have […]

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Wedding Tips

Why you should consider an unplugged wedding

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions around what to wear for your portrait session and although we are working on a much more detailed blog post with Amazon links and all, we thought we’d share some insight on how to elevate your portrait session. So what does that mean? We’ve all come across […]

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Elevate your portrait session in 3 simple steps

  We’ve all been perpetrators at one time or another. Myself included! Daniel has been victimized by my countless Pinterest attempts and fails. Haha! One day I woke up and thought I’d bake a 2-tier birthday cake, I mean, how hard can it be? As a result, we ended up with substances that resembled fondant […]

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Pros and Cons to a DIY Wedding

Hello Beloved, 11/01/2016…the day that would change our lives forever. I still remember waking up to that dreaded call in the middle of the night. EVERYTHING CHANGED. This was the day Daniel’s mother was diagnosed with stage IV terminal brain cancer. Glioblastoma to be precise, a rare form of brain cancer that affects less than […]

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Beloved Couture Bridal

Why I Chose a Beloved Couture Bridal Dress

Hello Beloved! We are so excited to be bringing this new addition to you, where we will be sharing more about our personal experiences, lifestyle topics, wedding trends, and more. A little more about us; I’m Genesis and my husband’s name is Daniel; together we are BELOVED. We wanted to share with you the purpose […]

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